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Entry #2

Not really using NG anymore.

2010-05-05 08:24:00 by Sparkeycat

Bye~ I'll visit from time to time, maybe :D


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2010-05-05 11:38:37

Yeah... Exams can be tough.

Sparkeycat responds:

Indeed, my friend. Indeed.


2010-05-05 15:42:11

Oh boy! Exams.. that must suck. Max and I are having exams at the end of the school year, so we r lucky.. i guess...

and you have gotten better ever since you got PAINTTOOL SAI :D
and everyone is getting into the DA mood now a days
i <3 DA because i have met no jackasses yet :3

Sparkeycat responds:

I know! DA seems kind of lighter than Newgrounds.


2010-05-05 20:40:05

I just got done with mine :p

Sparkeycat responds:

Hope you did well :D


2010-06-10 14:57:15

Wow!! :P You've really improved since the last time I was here!! HELLO!

Sparkeycat responds:

Hello! I don't really come here anymore, I tend to live on DA now xD


2010-07-31 08:06:44

My exams start on monday, I have 5... I'm scared. Sparkey you should create an art thread and post your art there to get more feedback and comments! :D

Sparkeycat responds:

But I can do that on DA :P


2010-08-02 07:56:04

I never said the thread had to be on NG and I don't understand the DA forums at all.

Sparkeycat responds:

Ah, I don't use the forums on DA, haha.


2010-08-31 10:05:17

What artists inspire you Sparkey?

(Updated ) Sparkeycat responds:

I don't really have anything like that. I just draw as I like. If there's a technique I see that I like the look of, I'll give it a go.



2010-12-18 07:17:09

hai again. havent been here for a year


2011-02-19 22:44:35

lol you delted ALL your art!


2011-05-28 06:18:57

If your still into making Flash, then Newgrounds should be your primary submission place.


2011-06-15 22:02:29

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2011-11-28 22:19:03

Maybe? Shame on you. You've got the respect of some of our finest artists and programmers on NG. dA's for emo's who don't want the real world's criticism... that's why a NG account is so important: mental calluses.